Tutorial for Using YT-DLP on Windows

This tutorial is going to show you how to download YouTube video with YT-DLP in Command Prompt application of Windows OS.

Requirement: Windows 10 or above with Python 3.7+ installed.

1. Install Python

Python's official downlaod page: https://www.python.org/downloads/

Remember to select "Add Python to PATH" during installing.

2. Open Command Prompt (CMD)

Type "cmd.exe" in search box.

Type the command below in the Command Prompt window, and press enter.  The command means install YT-DLP module, and make sure that the installed module is the newest version.

	python -m pip install -U yt-dlp

The command below means download the video and audio in the best quality and merge both into a mp4 file.

	yt-dlp -S ext:mp4 https://youtu.be/video-link

If you want to download videos that require you to be logged in to your account, you can use the command below, which will use the cookies file from your browser.  According to the official document, supported browsers are brave, chrome, chromium, edge, firefox, opera, safari, vivaldi, if the browser you use with your YouTube account is not Chrome, change the "chrome" in the command with the name of the browser you use.

	yt-dlp -S ext:mp4 --cookies-from-browser chrome https://youtu.be/video-link

3. Watch the Video We Just Downloaded

You can still stay in Command Prompt application, and type the command below in order to meet the video faster.  Don't forget the period character in the command, which means current directory.

	start .

Now, your File Explorer is opened, and the mp4 file is in the current directory.